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Captain Christopher Pike

Beta Crew Roster

7/14/09 04:45 am - Beta Crew Roster

Official list of the crew!

Captain: Christopher Pike - cptn_pike
First Officer: Commander Spock - livelongprosper
Navigator: Lieutenant Kevin Riley - again_kathleen
--Backup Navigator: Ensign Pavel Chekov - russiainwention
Helmsman: Lieutenant Hiraku Sulu - warpthreesir
--Backup Helmsman: Lieutenant Hiraku Sulu (younger) - mrfencemaster
Medical: Nurse Christine Chapel - is_a_sanctuary
Yeoman: Janice Rand - yeoman_jan
Chief Engineer: Eva Olson - romulanarsekick
Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Leonard McCoy - unqualified_dr

Who're we missing...a doctor I suppose. But that's a pretty complete crew there!
EDIT: Looks like we swiped one of Kirk's McCoy's as ship's doctor. He can complain about it to Starfleet if he doesn't like it.
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